Infall of galaxies in groups facilitate mergers within clusters

With grad student Jose Benavides (IATE, Argentina) we looked into mergers happening in and around clusters using the Illustris simulations. These events might be connected to the formation of lenticular galaxies and compact dwarfs.

Formation of Ultra-diffuse galaxies in clusters

Using galaxy clusters from the TNG100 cosmological simulations we find that ultra-diffuse galaxies (UDGs) in clusters can have a dual origin: born-UDGs and tidal-UDGs, the latter formed by tidal disruption of more massive normal galaxies.

NSF CAREER awarded to study dwarf galaxies

New NSF grant will fund the study of dwarf galaxies and their dark matter content

We welcome back Jess!

Jessica Doppel has returned from her 3-months DAAD exchange Fellowship

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Simulating the tiniest dwarf galaxies

Check our recent paper on ultrafaint dwarfs using FIRE simulations