NSF CAREER awarded to study dwarf galaxies

New NSF grant will fund the study of dwarf galaxies and their dark matter content

The properties of dwarf galaxies can be used to infer details on the nature and distribution of dark matter . As part of our newly funded project, our team will be working towards understanding the properties of dwarf galaxies in all environments, from field dwarfs to those in groups and clusters.

Check our media article on the awarded proposal here .

We will combine high resolution cosmological simulations from the TNG suite with tailored zoom-in runs in order to understand how the kinematics and sizes of dwarf galaxies are related to their dark matter content. Want to know more about the Illustris TNG simulations? Check out this: here .

We will collaborate to run and develop simulations with other teams based on MIT, Harvard, University of Florida, the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics (MPA AND MPIA, Germany) and the University of Bologna (Italy). We will also work closely with our observational colleages to combine data from the Keck Telescopes and compare it to our theoretical predictions.

If you are interested to hear more, contact us. If you are a prospective grad student, check the link below!

Job opportunities

Our group is expanding. We are recruiting students interested in numerical simulations as a tool and exciting science topics including the nature of dark matter, globular clusters, dwarf galaxies and galaxy groups and clusters. Available possitions for students starting Fall 2020.

Interested? More information here: https://physics.ucr.edu/application-process