Meet the astro simulators

Ethan Jahn
Grad Student

email: ejahn003 (add
Research Interests: cosmology, numerical simulations, early universe galaxy formation, dwarf galaxies.

Jessica Doppel
Grad Student

email: jdopp001 (add
Research Interests: numerical simulations, galaxy formation, globular clusters, interstellar medium.

Niusha Ahvazi
Grad Student

email: nahva001 (add
Research Interests: numerical simulations, galaxy formation, environmental effects.

Darren Yohonn

email: dyoho001 (add
Research Interests: Galaxy morphology. Mergers. Dwarf galaxies.

Group meeting photo by May 2019. Lydia is presenting her findings and we are all giving feedback on some interesting stellar halos results.

Former group members

Peter Creasey - Postdoc
(Now working at Mercuna, UK)
Omid Sameie - Graduate Student
Topic: SIDM & galaxy formation
(Now Postdoc at UT Austin)
Lydia Elias - Graduate student
Topic: Stellar Halos
(Now in data science)
Ryan Vo - Master student
(Now system engineer at Raytheon)

Undergraduate training

Will Hicks - Undergrad
(Now grad student at UCSD)
Jeff Kuo - Undergrad

Louis Penafiel - Undergrad
(Now grad student at Cornell)
Dana Savin - Undergrad

Miles Pulk - Undergrad